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The 3-rd International Specialized Exhibition
"Medicine in Sport and Leisure"

(jointly with the "NutraSport" international exhibition)

Press-release March 03, 2009

Mission of the "SportMed" Project is the improvement and health preservation of population, rising of prestige of healthy lifestyle of the Russians, providing succession of traditions of sports medicine, development of interest of public and business communities to this field, mutually beneficial association by means of exhibitions and scientific training conferences of all participants of the sports medicine market.

Purposes and objects of the "SportMed-2009" exhibition":
  • Propaganda of effective medical and prophylactic technologies in the mass sport and the sport of highest records;
  • Traumatism reduction during exercising;
  • Reduction of rehabilitation period after traumas in professional sport;
  • Incitement of social responsibility of business in making population healthier;
  • Popularization of both extreme and most accessible and mass sports among the population;
  • Assistance in introducing new methods, innovative technologies at the field of sports medicine, advancement of front-rank sport technologies;
  • Development of interregional and international collaboration in the field of sport industry;
  • Creation of optimum conditions for business intercourse and expansion of partnerships;
  • Outlining of priority directions in development of sport and medical scientific researches;

  1. Sports and Leisure Institutions
    • health and rehabilitation centers
    • sports medical centers
    • sports medicine hospitals
    • traumatology centers
    • sanatorium-and-spa institutions
    • children's sports medicine, sports medicine for elderly people
    • sports clubs, fitness centers, sports centers
  2. Sports medicine
    • preventive measures
    • diagnostics
    • treatment
    • rehabilitation
  3. Traumatology and Orthopedics
    • endoprostheses, corsets, bandages
    • compression therapy
    • ortheses and orthopedic apparatuses
    • traumatology equipment
    • arthroscopes, instruments
    • suture material, consumables
  4. Medical technology
    • functional diagnostics, X-Ray and radioisotopic diagnostics, ultrasonic diagnostics
    • functional state control
    • equipment, surgery tools
    • endoscopic equipment
    • instruments and appliances for injections, punctures, electro-, cryo- and laser surgery
  5. After-care and rehabilitation of sportsmen
    • physiotherapeutic equipment
    • balneology equipment, thalassotherapy, mud cure
    • body massage apparatuses, tables
    • special training apparatuses, bracing training apparatuses
    • power training apparatuses and separate muscle groups training apparatuses
    • rehabilitation devices
  6. Equipment for specialized institutions
    • equipment and furniture for fitness centers, solariums, rehabilitation centers, sports hospitals, sanatorium-and-spa institutions and massage rooms
  7. Sports insurance
    • insurance for professional sportsmen
    • insurance for amateurs and for the extreme sports
    • tourist sports insurance
    • children sports insurance
    • casualty insurance
    • voluntary health insurance
  8. Protective equipment and means of protection in sports
    • tapes, taping tools
    • mouth, teeth and lips protection
    • protection of cutaneous covering from cuts and frictions
    • glasses, helmets, masks
    • protection of trunk, shins, elbow and knee joints
    • protective shorts and costumes
    • special clothes and footwear
  9. First Aid
    • cold- and thermo therapy
    • aerospace chambers
    • bandages
    • anesthetics
    • means for hemostasis
    • suit-cases, first-aid kits, bags
  10. Disinfectants
    • cleaning solutions
    • antiseptics
    • germicide napkins
  11. Sports pharmacology
    • Laboratory equipment
    • anti-doping laboratories
    • mobile laboratories
    • reagents, consumables

The "SportMed-2009" exhibits new services and achievements of the sports medicine market and the possibility of their application in sport and leisure. Our sport conference and exhibition is called to be instrumental in promoting commercialization of new research works, attraction of investments, and the rise of interest of business structures to the most perspective achievements in this field.

The exhibition-forum takes special significance due to its multifunctionality. Besides the display at the exhibition there are press-conferences, round tables and seminars, presentations and business meetings, sport-entertaining shows, meetings with famous sportsmen in the forum program.

Visitors of exhibition will be interested in companies providing insurance services for sport and leisure, manufactures of preventives and protectors during exercising. The following themes will be broadly elucidated: high-quality diagnostics of functional capabilities, medical treatment of diseases and overstrains, acceleration of rehabilitation processes after getting sporting traumas, disease prevention, increase of immunological stability of organism, rising of sport performance capacity.

Promoters of the exhibition conduct broad-scale publicity campaign; all the mass media are involved: radio, television, printed editions; as well as outdoor advertising. There will be discussions in scientific and business structures and public discussions.

We will satisfy all your ideas and wishes to organize your participation in the exhibition; we will render the most active support to your company in the marketing field and the area of sales.